Students battle Teachers!

Holy Innocents 8th Grade Students battled Teachers in volleyball in their annual Catholic Schools Week tournament. / Photos: T. Lineman / Juniata News

Holy Innocents had a full schedule of events to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, and last Tuesday included one of the highlights — Their annual volleyball tournament, pitting the faculty against 8th Grade students.

The best-out-of-3 series included a lot of laughs, excitement, and frustrations! In the end, the faculty won 2 of the 3 games.

5th Grade teacher Traci Tudor and Kindergarten teacher Jennifer Friel join part of the cheering audience!

“It was very, very tough,” said Jesus Burgos, Holy Innocents’ custodian. “At the end of the day, we schooled them!”

Xavier Rodriguez on the 8th grade team thinks he knows why the 8th grade team lost. “Mr. Jesus, he’s really good,” he said. “I wish he was on my team!”

Mr. Jesus Burgos directs the Teachers’ team to set up for the next volley against the 8th Grade team.

Mrs. Maureen Connors, 8th Grade Teacher, admitted that it was tough to beat her students. “This is my first year playing against students that I teach in the same year.” After the teachers’ victory, she saw that some of the students were a bit dejected, so she offered encouragement, telling them to pull it together. The interaction between students and teachers was playful. “Just enough trash talkin’,” said Connors. “Nothing too crazy.

Sister Anne Edward prepares for the first volley of the Holy Innocents Faculty vs. 8th Grade Students Volleyball Tournament.

“We do this competition for the sake of good sportsmanship,” said Sister Anne Edward, “and to show the students that you can have an interchangeable situation with the teachers and the students.” Sister Anne, an accomplished athlete, went to 6 Senior Nationals in Softball, winning a Gold in Pennsylvania, Silver in Utah, and Bronze in Kentucky. She said that it’s about everyone having a good experience.

Xavier Rodriguez and Logan Roberts on the Volleyball Court at Holy Innocents.

Logan Roberts, Team Captain for the 8th Grade, took the loss in stride. “We thought we were gonna get destroyed,” he said. “But we played a lot better than we thought we would.”

Sister Regina Mullen, Principal. praised the 8th grade as a terrific class. “I couldn’t say enough about them.”

Emilia Rodriguez, 7th Grade teacher, serving the volleyball.
Danielis Urena preparing to serve.
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