Stolen Autos Highlighted in 24th District Crime News



33xx JASPER ST.FEBRUARY 14 — The complainant stated that he parked his vehicle (silver 2005 Honda Civic) in front of 33xx Jasper Street on 2/15/19 at 10:00pm. Video showed an unknown offender looking inside, and checking the door handle. The offender opened the door, found a spare key and drove from the location in that vehicle.

35xx SHELBOURNE ST.FEBRUARY 15 — The complainant states he left his keys in his vehicle (Burgundy 1999 Isuzu Rodeo) when he left for work on 2/15/19 at 6:00am. Complainant contacted his son to go check on the vehicle on 2-16-19 at 12 am. When his son arrived, he realized the vehicle was no longer parked at the location the complainant parked it.

13xx E. ERIE AVE. — JANUARY 25 — The complainant stated that she parked her vehicle (2003 Gray Chevy Trailblazer), at 13xx E. Erie Ave.  for repairs. Complainant stated that after she was told the cost of the repairs, she decided to junk the car, but when she went to get it towed, it was already gone.

19xx E. PIKE ST.FEBRUARY 2 — The complainant stated that while on vacation, he left his vehicle (Red 2016 Chevy Malibu) parked outside his girlfriend’s house, located at 19xx E. Pike Street on 2/2/19, and when he returned his vehicle was missing. all files checked with negative results.

19xx E. TIOGA STREET.FEBRUARY 7 — The complainant states on 2/7/19 at 2:30 am, he parked his black ’92 Chevy 1500 at 19xx E. Tioga Street. On 2/7/19 4:00 am when he returned to the location his vehicle was missing. Police recovered the complainant’s vehicle at 20xx Martha Street on fire prior to the vehicle entering into the system. Engine 25 extinguished the fire.

3200 SHELBOURNE ST.  — FEBRUARY 7 — The complainant stated that she parked, and locked her vehicle (blue 2013 Hyundai Elantra) on 02-07-19 at approximately at 12:00pm, and noticed it missing on 02-07-19 at 6 pm.

14xx E. LUZERNE ST. — FEBRUARY 18 — The complainant states he parked his vehicle (tan 1997 Honda Accord) at his work place on 40xx M Street on 2-18-19 at 9:00pm. When he returned on 2-19-19 at 6:00am, the vehicle was gone. Negative results on tow and abandoned file

19xx E. CLARENCE ST. — FEBRUARY 18 — The complainant stated that his vehicle (silver 1998 Honda Civic) was parked at 19xx E. Clarence Street on 2/18/19 at 9:45pm. The complainant was leaving for work at on 2/19/19 at 10:45am when he noticed his vehicle was missing. Tow and abandoned file checked with negative results. The complainant has one (1) set of keys, but he states that there was another set of keys in the vehicle. No video is available at this time.

21xx E. VENANGO ST. — FEBRUARY 20 — The complainant states on 2/20/19 at 11:00pm he last observed his vehicle (green ’01 Honda CRV) parked at 21xx E. Venango Street with the driver side rear vent window broken and covered with cardboard. On 2/21/19 at 3:00pm when he returned to the location his vehicle was missing.

10xx E. ERIE AVENUE.  — FEBRUARY 26 — The complainant states he went into the PNC bank located at 10xx E. Erie Ave, on 2/26/29 at 3:50pm , and left a male known only as “Bill”, an acquaintance in his vehicle (white 2018 Buick Lacrosse) with the keys in the ignition and the vehicle running. When he returned at 4:00pm, “Bill” and the vehicle were gone. “Bill” may be in possession of the vehicle. Complainant has no further info on Bill.


Crime Log:  March 8th through March 15th, 2019

   25th District Feltonville Neighborhood covering 5th Street to G Street from Roosevelt Boulevard to Erie Avenue.

There was 1 Homicide reported during this period.

    * 100 W Rockland St (03/09) homicide handgun.

There were 5 Robberies reported during this period.

    * 200 W Wyoming Av (03/09) strong arm.

    * 300 E Eleanor St (03/10) point of handgun.

    * 4800 Gransback St (03/10) point of knife/commercial.

    * 5000 Rorer St (03/11) strong arm.

    * 300 E Loudon St (03/12) point of handgun.

There was 1 Burglary reported during this period.

    * 4600 N Front St (03/12) residential.

There were 7 Thefts reported during this period.

    * 400 E Wingohocking St (03/08) from auto.

    * 4800 Gransback St (03/08) other.

    * 4600 N 5th St (03/10) other.

    * 4600 Rising Sun Av (03/10) other.

    * 4200 N 5th St (03/11) from auto.

    * 400 W Hunting Park Av (03/11) from auto.

    * 4900 Rosehill St (03/13) other. 

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