Stolen Autos – 24th District, PSA 1


37xx I STREETARREST MADEThe complainant states on 9/3/19 at 8:36pm he left his silver ’01 Suzuki parked and running with the keys outside of 37xx I Street to deliver pizza.  The unknown offender (17 year old male) jumped into the vehicle and fled southbound on 37xx I Street. The offender was apprehended at 33xx E. Ontario Street by 25th District Police Officers Quinn and Stasiak and was transported to EDD for processing. The complainant’s vehicle was recovered on Frankford & Ontario Street. Offender has zero (0) priors.

18xx E. THAYER ST.The complainant states on 9/6/19 at 7:30am, he parked his vehicle (gold 2006 Honda Accord). He was using narcotics and passed out. When he woke up, his car keys and vehicle, parked outside at 18xx E. Thayer Street was missing. Area checked negative results. 

40xx M STREET — Thecomplainant states that he was arrested and in prison from November 2016 until 9/20/19. While away, he parked his purple 2000 Chevy Malibu in the rear of his mother’s house. In that time, his mother moved. Prior to her moving, the vehicle was stolen or removed from its parking space. The vehicle is unregistered and check of files revealed negative results.

13xx E. LUZERNE STREETARREST MADEThe complainant states on 9/13/19 at 9:30am he hired the offender (a 17 year old male) for the day to work for him. The offender then took the complainant’s white ’99 GMC without permission and was involved in an auto accident. The complainant positively identified the offender and police arrested the offender.  He was transported to the 24th District for processing. The offender has zero (0) priors.

33xx RAND STREET — An employee for CentiMark Roofing states on 9/27/19 at 8:23am the work truck (black ’18 Ford F150) was parked at 33xx Rand Street, stolen, and recovered at 31xx Reach Street prior to the vehicle being reported stolen. Two (2) Little Giant ladders, 32′ ladder and two (2) roofing tool boxes were missing from the vehicle.

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