A Joyous Thanksgiving Feast in Port Richmond!

Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic (PROPAC) joined with Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation on Thanksgiving to host a Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Folks enjoyed a delicious traditional Thanksgiving meal thanks to volunteers including, left to right: Ken Paul, Anne Paul, Francine Dennis, and Barb Camiel

   While families all across our area gathered to sit down and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, many people either didn’t have a place to go, or the prospect of preparing a big feast for a couple people was a daunting task.

   Fortunately, Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic, along with Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation (2645 E. Venango St.), were there to offer a Thanksgiving feast to all who wanted a place to gather.

   This is the fourth year for their annual Thanksgiving event in which volunteers provide dinner out of the gratefulness of their own hearts.

Fresh carved turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, and green beans.
Can’t forget dessert!

   “I’m fortunate to have what I have,” said Francine Dennis, who was tending to soup on the stove. “Some of these people, they have nobody (or) they’re homeless. So I’m fortunate to have a great family, great parents that I can come home to.”

The meal is a Blessing to many. A number of seniors found it to be the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving without all the trouble of cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

   Ken Paul, President of PROPAC, said that when this, or any of the organization’s community meals are served, they pack up to-go containers for the homeless. “We always reach out to our homeless people,” he said. Some feel uneasy being at community meals, so Ken and other volunteers seek out the homeless to give them a meal.

   “It just makes you feel good at the end of the day because you know that people had a hot meal,” added Francine.

Ken Paul, President of Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic (PROPAC), prepares a Thanksgiving plate last Thursday.

   This year, Anne Paul is grateful to Joe Santucci’s Square Pizza for cooking the turkeys in their pizza ovens — Eight 20+ lb. birds!!! It made things easier, especially after Ken started a grease fire while cooking the turkeys last year, ruining their oven at home!

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