Every other week recycling will continue

Every other week schedule extended through June 26

PHILADELPHIA – As the City continues to provide essential services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Streets Department continues to face challenges with maintaining trash and recycling collection on a consistent schedule. The Department announced it will extend its collection of recycling materials every other week through June 26.

The Department introduced the citywide shift to every other week recycling on Monday, April 6. Continuing with the practice, residents should hold their recycling materials for the week of Monday, May 18th through Friday, May 22.

Regular trash collections will continue on or as close to its normal schedule as possible during trash only weeks. Residents should expect some delays on weeks when recycling collections are scheduled as the health crisis continues to have an impact on employee attendance.

Residents should set recycling out on their scheduled day, but only on the weeks listed on the modified collection schedule. Recycling will be collected at the regular pick up site. Residents are urged to use lids for recycling bins to prevent debris from blowing away. Lids for City-issued recycling bins can be picked up from the Sanitation Convenience Centers. Sanitation Convenience Centers will remain open on the following modified schedule for residents to dispose of items from Tuesday through Saturday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Residents should continue to set trash out on their normal collection day at the regular pick up site. Residents are urged to use lids for trash cans and bags should be tied tightly to prevent debris from blowing away.

While delivering on-time collection services remains an essential core service, residents are asked for their patience and cooperation while we work to deliver service. Please do not approach crews while working as they continue to practice social distancing, Call 311 with questions and or concerns. The Streets Department thanks its employees for their dedication and commitment during these unprecedented times.

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