Sister Elaine George Sets Flight for Peru, and Juniata Will Miss Her

Sr. M. Elaine George, IHM with Rev. Derick Scudder, two of Juniata Park’s greatest cheerleaders. Both have served as President of the Juniata Action Committee (Pictured in April 2021 by Juniata News)

Forward by Tom Lineman, Juniata News

Sister Elaine George is an amazing woman. For 16 years she has called Juniata her home. She lived and worked in Juniata, and jumped right into working for the betterment of the neighborhood in her “spare” time (as if any of us have spare time). She’s touched the lives of many, and no doubt has been a great cheerleader for the neighborhood, beyond all of the work that she’s done with at Saint Lucy School for Children with Visual Impairments on the Holy Innocents campus. She’s a great friend to many of us individually, and a great friend to ALL of us as a community. On Monday, September 27th, she sets flight to Peru for her next mission. We wish her many blessings in Peru. She will be missed. Following is her letter to the neighborhood:

by Sister M. Elaine George, IHM

When I arrived at Holy Innocents Convent in 2006 and learned that there was a park only a block away, I knew I would love this place.  My official mission was to work at Saint Lucy School for Children with Visual Impairments.  However, I wanted to also serve the people of Juniata. Getting in on the ground floor of the formation of the Juniata Action Committee, incorporated in 2009, helped me to connect with organizations and services in the city of Philadelphia.  I have held several leadership roles in the Juniata Action Committee (President, Vice President, and Secretary) which helped me to grow in the confidence that ordinary people can effect change. Over the course of these past 12 years, the Juniata Action Committee has planned and implemented many projects to benefit the people of Juniata Park.

Now, I hope to bring what I have learned to serve the people in the neighborhood of  Miraflores in Lima, Peru. On September 27, 2021 I shall be traveling to Peru. There my official mission will be to teach conversational English to elementary school children.

Yes, this is my official resignation as president of the Juniata Action Committee as our by-laws specifically state one must be a resident or business owner in Juniata to be a member. However, it is important to note that the Juniata Action Committee will continue to serve the people of Juniata under the capable leadership of Rev. Derick Scudder who has served as president before.

I encourage you to become civically involved and to effect change for the better in Juniata.

Juniata neighbors and business owners THANK YOU for being a part of my life. My prayer is that God will continue to bless you.

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